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Vinterfestival 2020

There is a crack in everything – That’s how the light gets in.

MY BELOVED will perform live at the Vinterfestival, 6th of November 2020 at Elværket, Elsinor. All Covid-19 regulations and requirements are met and we encourage visitors to take good care of each other.

New album recording session in November 2020

My Beloved are currently planning the last details of the recording session for the upcoming album. The new album will be recorded live in the rehearsal space of My Beloved, a WW2 bunker in Copenhagen. The new album recordings are scheduled for November 2020 and with a following mixing and mastering session. More album detail will follow.

Stay healthy.

My Beloved


My Beloved in Jutland

Last time My Beloved performed live in Jutland, Denmark was back in 2006.

We felt it was time to revisit our friends and fans on the other side of the country.
Looking much forward to play a few shows including:

The 20th of Sep. at Ølluminati in Viborg
The 21st of Sep. at 1000fryd in Aalborg.

See the Facebook event here


New website!

Due to hacking and technical issues on our old website, we have decided, by force, to create a new website for the band. This new website will be updated and configured within a few days, stay tuned.

– My Beloved

China Tour 2018

My Beloved had the pleasure to complete a most grandiose China tour, taking the band close to 3000km through China from Beijing in the north to Shenzhen in the south.

10.21 Beijing @ DDC
10.22 Wuhan @ VOX
10.23 Changsha @ VOX
10.24 Guangzhou @ SD
10.25 Shenzhen @ HOU LIVE
We had a most fantastic trip and experience. Thanks to our tour managers, Paul and Stan for their skilled and excellent work. And thanks to our new friends and fans in China. We hope to be back soon.



Germany Tour 2018

My Beloved Germany Tour 2018 will bring the band by Berlin and Hamborg ending the small tour in Copenhagen at Pumpehusets Byhave. Cheers!


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